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Rubén Cañizares

CEO – Head of Tax

Rubén is a great student of the world of taxation, he studied Business Studies at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and from the beginning of his professional career he directed his professional development towards a marked specialization in national and international taxation and in the audit of accounts branch.

To do this, he studied the Professional Master in Taxation / Tax Consulting by the Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF), Professional Master in Auditing of Accounts (CEF) approved by the Instituto de Contabilidad y Auditoría de Cuentas (ICAC) for access to the Official Registry Auditors of Accounts (ROAC), Advanced Course on International Tax Planning (CEF) or the University Expert in Auditing of Accounts and Review of Annual Accounts by the Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (CEF-UDIMA).

As an enthusiast in the world of taxation, he had started his profession as a tax advisor in a Madrid law firm in 2002. Later, he has combined his activity as a tax attorney studying specialization in Asset Tax Planning (CEF), and also in Business Restructuring M&A and Corporate Operations (CEF). Always motivated by knowledge and passionate about continuous training, he has been updated throughout this time through other studies in the world of accounting and taxation with courses and experts in the field, such as Fiscal Consolidation (CEF), Consolidation Accounting (CEF) or Analysis of Financial Statements (CEF).

He is currently a member of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors (AEDAF) with associate number 04050.
During his first business experiences, he specialized in tax structures and administrative procedures, which has given him a great perspective on the optimization of business taxation and the assets of entrepreneurs, not only in day-to-day but also business restructuring operations derived from corporate operations.
His ability to link economic and tax structures is always helpful in larger company projects, mergers and acquisitions, or in major restructurings.
It is this strategic vision and its special care with people that makes its participation in acquisitions or restructuring projects of companies’ operations essential.


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