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Alejandro Pérez

CEO – Head of Finance.

Alejandro is passionate about corporate finance and business and company valuation. He completed his undergraduate studies through the Staffordshire University of England, after having completed university studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the IFE.

His passion for finance led him to complete his studies in corporate finance through the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Madrid, where he completed two university master’s degrees. The first in Financial Planning and the second in Planning and Finance in the IFRS-IAS Framework.

He has also carried out partial studies in industrial engineering and numerous courses and experts in business valuation, taxation and human resource management, among others.

His first business experiences were developed within the area of control and implementation of processes and ERPs for industrial companies in Germany, Austria and England. He has also done other jobs within the sports sector and the IT sector.

His experience as CFO in the construction and petrochemical sector allowed him to enter the business and company valuation area, which led him not to want to separate himself from this area of activity for the rest of his career.

He is an analytical and creative person who always tries to give a practical approach to the most delicate mergers and restructurings.

Within the external financial management, he manages to provide a large company approach to medium and small companies that helps them grow solidly, but without losing their essence or spirit.


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